Manuals, DTP and IFO


We use expert graphic designers that can produce multilingual technical manuals and user guides, sales catalogues and presentations of any kind.

Contents can be managed using any graphics program for either Windows or Mac: – InDesign – PageMaker – Quark XPress – Freehand – Illustrator – Photoshop – FrontPage – Acrobat – Visio – HTML, XML

Our point of difference is providing page layout services for particularly complex Asian and Middle Eastern languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese and Indonesian.


XML, an acronym of eXtensible Markup Language, is a metalanguage used to define the structure of documents and data.

Thanks to the software and CAT tools we have available, we can create and manage our customers’ documents in XML or HTML format, providing the translations coded and tagged in exactly the same way as the source document.


Nowadays, so-called CAT (Computer Aided Translation) systems are indispensable tools for translation and document management.

These systems enable us to create for each customer one or more specific memory databases. From every document we are given to translate we extract all repeated text, terms, previously translated text and reference provided by the client.

Translation memories thus allow us and you to obtain:

1 – terminology and quality consistency

2 – fast deliveries

3 – a significant reduction in cost

CAT tools can process any kind of document, in any format: from standard Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel and Power Point) to the a variety of desktop publishing programs (InDesign, Page Maker etc.) and naturally the latest generation metalanguages (XML, HTML etc.)